Vac Renaissance 30/30 -- difference between original Mk2 and Mk3?

Can anyone explain the differences between the original, Mk2 and Mk3 versions of the VAC Renaissance 30/30 amplifier? And how old would the original be at this point? Any age-related concerns at this point with buying a used original 30/30?

Also, I appreciate any comments about the sonic differences between the three versions.


Call VAC talk to  Kevin Hayes he can tell you best.
I have the Mk. 3, but to be honest I never compared it to a 2. That said, if the price is fair, I would buy it. The risk is very low.

Also, you may want to call VAC. I think you may be able to upgrade the amp to current status.
What do you think an original is worth, in excellent condition, with no output tubes?