VAC preamps - too expensive?

VAC makes great products so i hear.  The Linestage Master lists for $28k and next one down is Signature, for $22k.  Add $12k for a phonostage.

anybody have experience with these units?

its a marketing strategy.  Yeah the $22k Signature is very nice but for just $6k more u get a much better unit. Might as well get the Master.  Pretty clever.  Oh and they offer a line stage called the Statement for $80k and it comes with chrome and a skylight so u can view whats inside.  The Master has most of what the $80k Statement has (no skylight) so i guess the $28k Master seems a great deal.  Pretty clever.



I had them upgrade my pre amp and will visit again in January to drop off my Amp for upgrade. 

What type of upgrades did they do for your preamp? 



The Pre amp went from Mk II to Mk III, so it is like new now. The Amp is @ Mk II and will be Mk III Signature. Both units will be like new and I have had them both for over 20 years, they are very well built.  In this version in it's day it was a $22,000.00 amp. 


That's great and I'm sure you're enjoying.  I was curious whether there were upgrades available for my Ren Mk V.  I suspect not but I shot VAC an email.

Surely OP is enjoying his new tube preamp by now, right?

@fthompson251 Cool, the Renaissance III preamp is sweet. I especially liked its phono stage. It was very well built, with a hand wired line stage, and I vastly prefer its aesthetic over the Renaissance V. I have a friend who still pines over the 300B Renaissance power amps and tells me how great they were. But the new Master 300 amps are just stunning; they simply blow me and my 200iQ’s away 😲

But the remote doesn’t offer input selection capability so this is inappropriate for home theater use.

It’s very sad because I wanted to buy it but the family would be hard sell since the remote can’t change the inputs on it and also because it probably would be located in a separate adjoining room with the other gear.

But this company is indifferent to this modification and doesn’t wanna come into the modern age for whatever reason