VAC Phi integrated or 1 preamp + 1 amplifier

I´m a little bored with so many cables(very expensives)and with two electronics for care, and I have one idea, as I can expend until around $25.000 for electronics,which of the followings solutions is better for you :

1.-Buy a great integrated as can be the VAC or other, not the ASR Emitter, I know it well and for his price money I can buy a lot of betters things.

2.-Buy a great preamplifier as Aestethix Callisto, VTL 7.5 or ARC ref3 with a oly good amplifier as ASL Hurricanes or Rogue Zeus

3.- Buy A medium quality preamp as Calypso, Herron or Modwright with good amp as the CAT JL2 signature, VTL 450; Viola or VAC Phi amps

4.-Boulder series 1000 preamp and amp

5.-Rogue preamp with theirs Zeus monoblocks

6.-VAC preamp with VAC amp

Well as you can see the TRUE question is great integrated or good preamp and amp. Thanks to all.
There's no one right answer, as all the gear you list will have different sonic attributes.

You know all the pluses and minuses to owning an integrated.

I own a VAC Phi 110/110 amplifier. It's outstanding. I'd have no qualms about replacing my separates with a VAC Phi Beta if I knew I could tweak the sonics with tubes, which I suspect could be easily done.
Having recently made the transition from separates to integrated (Vac Phi Beta), I am very pleased with the result. Of course fewer interconnects, cords, and less space required, but beyond that I now have the best sound I've had in my system. Last incarnation of separates was: Mcintosh 501 monoblocks, with Aesthetix Janus Preamp. In considering Vac Integrated versus Vac separates, I encourage you to call Kevin Hayes who builds them. He can clarify the differences--It is clear that he is very proud of the Phi Integrated. Good luck.
I'd go for the Phi integrated in a heartbeat.
Anyone know why the price of the Phi Beta went up $3k?

Seems a quite costly price adjustment for an American made machine....
I recently switched to the Vac Phi Beta from costlier seperates and have been totally happy. The Beta strikes a perfect balance of musicality, neutrality and detail without being dry or analytical. It sounds great with stock tubes and has a full function remote including phono. When you add these features together plus the cost savings from interconnects and power cords, the Beta begins to show its value. The only concern left is, can your speakers can be driven by 110 watts?
The only concern left is, can your speakers can be driven by 110 watts?
A friend and I were recently discussing this. My speakers are 89dB/1 watt/1 meter. Every doubling of the wattage adds 3dB to any speaker (from "The Complete Guide to High End Audio"). For example, 1 watt of power drives my speakers to 89dB measured at 1 meter from the drivers. 2 watts=92dB, 4 watts=95dB, 8 watts=98dB, 16 watts=101dB...and that's as loud as I can take it for more than 10 minutes.

My room is filled with live-level rock concert sound with 32 watts from my VAC Phi 110/110.
My experience tells me this mathematical equation doesn't tell the whole story. It may be that speaker manufacturer's specs are incomplete or imprecise because speaker selection is that easy. In fact, I'd say most speakers would benefit from having more power.
Just reporting what's published, Ethannnn...

Of course, a speaker's resistance plays a part, too.

My limited experience at home with a Bryston 4B SST, Bryston 14B SST and VAC Phi 110/110 and VS VR4 Gen III HSE speakers (89dB/1 watt/1 meter, 6 ohm nominal load, dipping to 3 ohms @ 20hz) is that the 100wpc VAC drives the VR4s as well as the 600wpc Bryston 14B SST.
i think dynamic peaks also play a role. you may be listening to 100db, but when the orchestra hits a forza, it's not just 100db, it's ++ so much more.

i still say 110 watts is plenty, because the VAC power supply can really back those watts up.
02-13-06: Dennis_the_menace
i think dynamic peaks also play a role. you may be listening to 100db, but when the orchestra hits a forza, it's not just 100db, it's ++ so much more.
I initially was going to go into this, too, but when I'm talking about 100dB listening levels, a 110dB peak would just about bust my eardrums...and I used to play drums in rock bands, so I know what loud peaks feel like. Certainly, peak level is a factor.

When I determine the decibel level at which I'm listening, I measure it at the peaks. Obviously, some others might figure a mean measurement.
i had a VAC 70/70 (65 watts) driving 89db Martin Logans, and I was never able to turn it up enough for the sound to get strained or break up or harsh. It was always pure, open and relaxed no matter what the volume... so 110 VAC watts is goign to be plenty on 89db speakers. One of these days I'm goin to own a Phi amp...
I think that the Phi integrated never can reach the level obtained with this combo
Sorry one more question, I read that at the 2006 CES one french company displayed one integrated amplifier that is the DK integrated, but at $1600, do you knows the name of this company? can be Sheng Yu?.Thanks
I am on the integrated side of the fence, having changed from a costly pre/power combination to a Viva Solista 845 SET integrated and Lavardin IT for a change. There are clear advantages to both routes and I am sure for the ultimate sound a Pre and Monoblocks are the best product in most manufacturers lines. But I am not after the very best money can buy, with kids in college I can't afford it. There are disadvantages to a single chassis, ie proximity of output transformers to the low voltage Pre circuits, but to me the cost savings outweigh this. Logically spending the same amount on a pre/power and integrated, you ought to get more bang for your bucks with the integrated. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know life is'nt as simple as that.
02-14-06: Newly
I think that the Phi integrated never can reach the level obtained with this combo
Then, this thread is concluded? You've decided, apparently.

BTW, which combo?
yes one preamp with one amp, surely Callisto plus Viola or VTL 400
If you need 400 watts, then clearly the Beta is not for you.