VAC Phi 300 or CAT JL2 for the Avalon Vision?

Which amp is better suited to drive the Vision, the VAC or the CAT?. Also how good can be Lamm, perhaps 1.2 ref? or Viola?
How about the deHavilland GM-70's. You might as well get something really good.
Read the review of the Vac Phi 300 here on A'gon. It was posted a few weeks ago. He's NOT a dealer with a product to push.
The VAC or CAT will handle the Avalons with ease. The Atmasphere MA1/MA2 would be another product line I would give much effort to audition. I think it ultimately comes down to balancing with your source and preamp sonic strengths/weaknesses.
This is good.
Wondering about the same question myself.

Newly, how did u pick the M1.2 in the Lamm line? How does the ML 1.1 compare for the similar output?

I own the VAC Phi 300 and took it over to a friends house that
has Lamm 1.2 driving Kharma 3.2's. The Vac 300 was the clear winner. He will be makeing the switch to the
VAC soon.
I have the VAC Phi 70 monos driving the original Eidolons.
Initially I was concerned about the modest 65W but turns out there's absolutely no problems.
If the Phi 300 is tuned to sound even 80% like the Phi 70s you'd have a clear winner.