Vac Phi 200 vs. Audio Research Reference 75

Hello all,
My Lectron JH-50 (EL-34 tube amp) may be dying and if I have to replace it, VAC Phi 200 and Audio Research Reference 75 will be at the top of my list. I plan to check the Reference 75, but I have no ways of getting even close to Phi 200. The speakers are Pro Ac Response 3.8, the pre-amps are Klyne 7 and NAT Audio Plasma. I listen to everything but hip hop and modern country music. Acoustic guitar, piano, violin, woodwinds, and voices are my favorite instruments. I do play Black Sabbath once in awhile (and I am going to get their new CD). Please, reply if you have heard both of them or anything else that should be in the competition.
Thanks to everyone who replies.
Well I do not own either. But I DO own both companies products.
And BOTH are very good stuff.
The only reason I would wonder about buying one or the other (aside from listening to them) would be warranty and followup.
Now VAC is great, but it IS one guy. When he goes, the company is gone.
ARC on the otherhand , is likely to be around for a long time.
Also repairs.
My VAC STandard is mine ONLY because of the very long repair time from VAC company.
The prior owner sent it for repairs,and it took more than a few months.. in the meantime the owner found another preamp, and so sold the VAC to me. Great for me, not so great for customers waiting for repairs.

So not that should be the only consideration, but one should be aware of it.
Like I said I love my VAC ppreamp, and my ARC preamp (a SP-15)
So it is a tough decision. Both are fine products.

Plus if you buy new, you may have to wait for the VAC to be built. The ARC is going to be in stock or a day or two away.

The VAC is going to be far more 'exclusive' (exotic) though.
I will take Phi 200 without hesitating.

You dont even need to listen to both these amp. Just open up and see the inside you will know why I will buy the VAC instead of Ref 75.

Vac phi200 is 2k more expensive than Ref 75 tough.
What you say is true with most small companies. When Israel Bloom of Coincident or the guy from Magico goes, so will those products. I would not worry about this life is too short. Many people know how to fix tube circuits.
I have owned gear from both companies, they will both work well with the right equipment. The ARC will be more revealing, it is the most resolving tube gear I have ever heard. That said, some find it a bit too light for their tastes. The VAC is also highly resolving, but not quite so much as the ARC. The VAC gear will have just a hint of tube sweetness. I must admit that I prefer the sound of the VAC gear.

I agree with Jwm, I would not worry about the long term future of an audio company, tube circuits are fairly easy to find a good repair-person for. Many tube circuits have been around for many decades, just using different tubes and faceplates, while much of the circuit remains unchanged.
Wish you could just hear both of them in your system, there's no better way.
Since you can't I'll offer my 2 cents worth, I've heard both brands fairly often
over the years. I would prefer the VAC amplifier by a comfortable margin.
Based on my hearing the VAC Phi is fuller of body and tone and more
complete sounding and has very good resolution and transparency. The
reproduction of instruments and voice is better i.e. realistic, involving and
convincing. This type of presentation I find more natural and emotionally
engaging. The ARC at least to me are leaner, drier and thinner in
comparison. Some may consider them higher resolution but I
disagree.They have what I hear as a more traditional transistor character

obviously will appeal to some depending on personal taste and objectives.
The VAC equipment has high quality parts and very stout power supplies in
general. The 200 Phi uses the same premium output transformers as the
300.1 sibling, probably why the 200 Phi weighs a hefty 90 pounds vs 47
pounds for the REF 75.I not suggesting that weight means everything but
good transformers matter significantly in tube amplifiers.
I am awaiting delivery next week of a Phi 200. I would agree with Charles1dad in his description of the VAC sound vs. the ARC sound, and my preference also lies with the VAC (as in the past it has gone with Jadis and Lamm tube amps over more high-resolution designs). If you like the ARC sound, though, you certainly can't go wrong, it's a fine product as well--since you'll hear it you'll be able to see if that sound suits your tastes. My recollection of the Lectron (and it's a fond recollection, that was a sweet amplifier) is that it favored the beauty of music and the midrange magic over getting the last bit of detail; if that's your preference I think you'll like the VAC. I also think the VAC will give you a bit more bass extension and dynamic power than what you're used to.
Lateguestnomore- As to your question, I've not heard the ARC, but I will tell you that the two amps I own now are a Lectron JH-50 and a VAC (the 30/30, not the 200 Phi but after hearing VACs statement amps in NY last month, the VAC family sound is still recognizable). I will also mention in case you not know, Doshi Audio may be able to help you out w the Lectron.
Clearly, everyone likes VAC.
I thank everyone who responded.
I appreciate your help.
In case it was not clear, what I was trying to say is the Lectron and the VAC have some similar strengths. They also have a similar characteristic despite one using EL-34s and one 300bs. They have very robust, over-designed power supplies and output transformers.
Thanks Swampwalker,
I left you a question about biasing Lectron under your system. Please, respond if you don't mind.
Thanks again.