does anyone know the VAC PA60 from his own experience?

I own the unit (two PA60-C + one PS90 power supply) and use it with my Paragon 12A occasionally. I find the sound rather thin and lacking in bass weight and extension, so far nothing I would describe as tube warmth. The unit has relatively new tubes (Svetlana KT88, Mullard/Brimar ECC81/83). The bias is set at 72mA for Ultraliear mode and 70mA for Triode, which I prefer cause surprisingly it sounds more full in the bass than the higher powered UL mode.

With the Paragon hooked up to my solid state Gryphon amp every lack in bass weight and extension is gone, to sound is more warm overall. I wonder that the solid state Gryphon should sound more tube like, than a VAC tube unit!?!!? By the way the speakers are Cabasse Iroise 500 with real! 91db and a normal 4ohms without any stressing low impedance nothing hard to control.

At least VAC is not known to build very thin or analytical sounding amps...?!?!?

Your comments are highly appreciated.


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I have one of these units, recently overhauled from factory, the type of sound depens to much of the model or type KT-88. Anyway it´s a excelent tube amplifier for the price. Try to put the bias to 42 mA, and listen. If yoy can find another power supply it will be nice. Grretings from Caracas.