VAC PA 8080 Vintage Tube amp

I have a pair and am wondering what they are worth in today's market. They use NOS French input tubes from Upscale Audio.

I also own their 20.1 preamp, DAC, CD player 

All cables are high quality Tara labs...

Any thoughts on how much to sell for ?
For the amp alone I'd say 2 grand at the very least - you did provide some important details.

Can't say for the rest of it if you're willing to sell, but keep the price a bit high and lower it if need be when you have potential buyers. 

Now, I don't mean you should rip people off...but get your money's worth.
No of course not, no rip offs...been "off the air" for several years and not sure what is what these days! Also don't know where to turn for answers except this forum.

The amps have NOS 1956 French 12AU7's for the inputs (at least I think that's the tube ID without checking) and upgraded KT88's as well. They produce the silkiest 3-D soundstage I've ever heard, through Soundlab hybrid electrostatic speakers. Listening to "Animals" album by PF is genuinely freaky.

Thanks for your comments,

You can do some research here ( and/or use the Audiogon bluebook