VAC Owners: Balanced or Single-Ended Cables???

It appears that many folks who use VAC amplification are standardized with VAC gear for both their preamp and power amp.

For those of you that use VAC for your pre and power amps, which do you feel yeilds better sound, Balanced XLR cables or Single-Ended RCA cables?

If the runs are short agreed. However, for long runs the balanced will likely yield better results. I'm running about 15 meters and obviously using balanced.
Hi Richard:

As a rule of thumb, what do you consider to be the cut-off for "long runs?"

Based on your experience, do you feel that SE is the better choice for 5M or less?

5 Meters I would likely go balanced. 4 Meters it's questionable. 3 Meters likely SE. This of course would vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and environmental conditions. Low RF environments tend have less of a benefit with balanced than higher RF environments--so obviously this is just what I would consider reasonable starting points on average.
on this subject what brand of cable do you guys use between your VAC pre and amps??
I've used many, but seem to have become stuck on the KCI Silkworm, pure 24K gold and I haven't wanted to change them since I put them in. John at KCI is an absolute great guy to work with as well and offers an audition period. He, Kevin Hayes, and Don at DCCA are among my favorite people in audio...

Cables are very system and personal taste dependent, so YMMV...