VAC Owners: Balanced or Single-Ended Cables???

It appears that many folks who use VAC amplification are standardized with VAC gear for both their preamp and power amp.

For those of you that use VAC for your pre and power amps, which do you feel yeilds better sound, Balanced XLR cables or Single-Ended RCA cables?

Kevin Hayes told me single ended was a purer signal because the VAC balanced outputs or inputs required additional circuitry.

He did not say one was better than the other, and he suggested listening to both.
I've listened extensively both ways and prefer single ended. It's just more organic sounding to me, YMMV of course....
I agree.
If the runs are short agreed. However, for long runs the balanced will likely yield better results. I'm running about 15 meters and obviously using balanced.
Hi Richard:

As a rule of thumb, what do you consider to be the cut-off for "long runs?"

Based on your experience, do you feel that SE is the better choice for 5M or less?

5 Meters I would likely go balanced. 4 Meters it's questionable. 3 Meters likely SE. This of course would vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and environmental conditions. Low RF environments tend have less of a benefit with balanced than higher RF environments--so obviously this is just what I would consider reasonable starting points on average.
on this subject what brand of cable do you guys use between your VAC pre and amps??
I've used many, but seem to have become stuck on the KCI Silkworm, pure 24K gold and I haven't wanted to change them since I put them in. John at KCI is an absolute great guy to work with as well and offers an audition period. He, Kevin Hayes, and Don at DCCA are among my favorite people in audio...

Cables are very system and personal taste dependent, so YMMV...
I am currently using Audio Magic Illusion balanced. I have the same cable single ended as well so I can use the system either way. I would tend to agree with the previous posters comments. However, in my system I find the balanced connection offers a deeper more expansive soundstage, plus increased bass definition with more slam. I also have a PA100/100 amp that offers only single ended and I like it as well but for slightly different reasons. I have new speakers on order that are more tube friendly (ESP Bodhran SE) and I will find out what works best on that set-up. My current speakers require that I use the 8 db negative feedback on my PHI 110 and I am curious to see how the new speakers will react to less or no feedback.
I am using around 23 feet RCA-RCA Kubala Emotion,
that I have used from my Messenger pre to Vac
Rennaisance amp. This was for a short period, but had
no negatives I heard. I have ordered a Phi 300.1, so I
will hopefully be able to chime back in here soon.
I have been looking for a short K-S 2.0 meter run on
the Gon to experiment and see if the long RCA has any
negative effects. I dont want to start a new subject,
but this would involve moving my 40" rack with TT in
between my speakers. This seems to be configuration
that most use in order to avoid long RCA runs like mine.
My preamp is RCA only and is a keeper for now,
so balanced is not an option. FWIW, the Messenger seems
to have little trouble driving long RCA runs. The preamp
may be another variable as far as longer RCA runs go.
Kevin said to try both, which I did. Balanced was a little "quieter" due to some system noise that is now eliminated. Single-ended seem a little more palpable to me. Currently using Nirvana SX Ltd balanced between my VAC amp and pre-amp. By the end of the week, will be using Synergistic Precision Reference single ended, in conjunction with a number of other SR cables. I heard these in my system last week and was very impressed by the increased transparency, layering and imaging that I heard. The Nirvana were very good - the PR is just a little better fit with the other SR cords that will soon be in my system.
Flplanner- I see you are going away from the VD cables= Can you share why and what led you to the SR'S?? I just got the VAC 160's and alpha pre and am looking for the right interconnect- thanks-
Bebop86 - if you send me an e-mail, I will be happy to share my experiences - don't want to hijack this thread.

FWIW, new cables just got put in (Except spkr cables) and am going RCA between amp and pre - the sound is glorious and NOTHING is broken in yet!! I would say unless you have a noisy system or a long run, RCAs would be the way to go - a little more immediacy is what I am hearing.