VAC Avatar Super and Mc 2275

I'm looking to learn a little about the differences in sound between these two amps. They use similar tubes, have similar power ratings, and are both from admired companies.

Interested in 3 dimensional qualities, sonic signatures, attack, decay, etc.

I have heard the 2275 but in a bad room with a speaker that IMO needed more power B&W 803s. Familiar with Avatar SE but not Super.

Were the B&W 803s the Diamond series?? I have heard these driven with 38W/ch.If Matrix or Nautilus,then the tubes were having trouble with the impedance/crossover.
Tpsonic, the current 803s series, not the 803d or the older N803. Nice speaker but 8 ohm min 3ohm. Sounded much better to me with ss.

Anyway, I am hoping to learn more about the 2275 compared to the Super.
No thoughts? I would call the VAC a winner if I had to guess but I hope to get more than my own idiotic however well informed interpretation.
I agree.
I have heard both at audio shows. I would buy a VAC in a heart beat. Not so interested in the MC.
tried mc2275 avatar (not super) with quad 2805
Mc better bass n dynamic
Vac sweeter midrange
Never heard the VAC, but own a MC275 (essentially the same amp section of the MC2275) with B&W 804S (smaller than the 803S) and it has NO issues whatsoever driving these speakers. Actually I have a SS 200 Wpc amp sitting around and was considering biamping, but decided the 275 bass was good enough for me.

My 2 cents