Vac Avatar or Cary SLI-80

I am looking to purchase an avatar or the Cary sli-80 but I can't make up my mind which would be best for the long haul. The amp will drive a pair of Aulos. Any suggestions out there? Thanks, Barron
I have owned two VAC Avatars: An SE and a Super. They both sounded wonderful and were biukt like tanks. I paired them with JMLab Mini Utopias (8 ohms) with very good results. Im my experience, all VAC gear is top notch. My only experience with Cary is the V12 amp. Nice unit, but it doesn't have the VAC magic.

Good luck with what ever you decide upon.

i demoed each of these products, and the VAC integrated simply crushed the Cary one. no contest. i heard the cary amp with a pair of B&W 805's, and the VAC product with a pair of Audio Physic Spark III's. Cary sounded OK, but uninspired and kind of flat. the VAC integrated was alive, 3-D and musical. simply stunning.
hi Skuras,

How can you be sure the differences you heard were not due to the different speakers ?

Cary V12 uninspired? Flat? I don't think so. It has Cary "magic". Can't speak about the VAC, as I have not heard any, but Cary has every bit of magic that I am looking for. The way it sounds you can't go wrong with Cary or VAC.
Good luck and happy listening
I own a Cary V12i and find it quite musical. I have just paired it with a Cary SLP-98L and am using a pair of Spendor 1/2e speakers in the set-up. I'm familiar with VAC and they have a great reputation. Your decision to buy Cary or VAC should come down to how each integrates with your existing set-up. Some brands work better with certain equipment than others. If possible, best to home audition both with your speakers and decide from there.

i can't be sure that the differences were not due to different speakers. in fact, it is very likely that much of the difference is due to the speakers. i can only tell you what i heard in each circumstance, and thought that my experience might be of some worth to a person trying to compare these two products.


note that the cary product in question is the sli-80 integrated amp. i did not make any comments regarding other cary products.