VAC amp and Shindo Pre

Anyone try this combination? Is there a natural synergy? I am espeically interested in the 30/30's. I have Merlin VSM MX speakers and I am contemplating moving to Proac D38's. All comments welcome.
Hi , I will be listening to my Vac amp with a Shindo preamp mid week. I am in upstate NY, and you would also be welcome to bring your Monbrison to my place to hear it for yourself. My Phi 300.1 certainly is not the same as Kevins Rennaisance amps, but I believe it would help you as far as synergy goes. Vac amps have that high gain sensitivity, which is true of mine and his 300B amps.

my answer might be a little late...I run a VAC PA60 with a Shindo Mazeris Bellevus preamp (something like a older version of the Monbrison, old chassis version). This combination is very nice. The one thing you have to take care of is that the Shindo preamps are said to have a very high output, so a power amp with volume control might be better. Also keep in mind that some of the smaller models have no output transformer and a higher output impedance. It will work well with 100k of the VAC amps but might be limited in regard of very long interconnects.

Soundwise I cannot comment on the newer Shindo models. The older ones are said to sound somewhat more romantic, some like the older more, some the newer. From the limited experience with my amp I would suggest the amp to people who are looking for deep insight into music and emotion rather than sound spectacle...slam, resolution etc.

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I use VAC 70/70 monoblocs with Merlin TSM's. Have never tried the Shindo, but the VAC's and Merlins are a great match. I use the Dodd battery pre with great results.