VAC 70/70 OR BAT VK60 Mono's

I am looking for a mono configuration to drive my Verity Audio Parsifal Encores. I mostly listen to jazz and some classical. I listen late at night when everyone goes to sleep, so most of my listening is low level, and detail is very important. The rest of my system consists of a BAT VK50SE preamp and a Electrocompaniet cd player, Siltech interconnects, so it is a simple system. The room I listen in is 20x16, but will be moving into a dedicated room that will be smaller, about 16x13. Thanks for any and all imput.I would also be interested what anyone thinks about the VAC 30/30!
lamm m1 90w monos Just a suggestion why buy trade but trade buy trade just get what sounds good to begin with
I have owned three 30/30's over the years, and now have the latest 30/30 Mk V with the Signature upgrade. My Mk V can easily be configured for mono use by VAC. The 30/30 is a VERY musical sounding amp, and with the Signature upgrade, it becomes even better, with a bit more detail throughout the range, and some of the finest bass I have ever heard from any amp, even ones with far more power output. It also has no trouble at all driving loads that one would not usually even attempt with other small tube amps. Depending on your listening tastes, in a medium to small room, with moderately efficient speakers, a 30/30 may be just fine...
Feel free to e-mail me with any question about them.
The BAT vk60 monos are great amps, esp for what they are going for used. The only problems are space--they don't fit on a normal sized rack--and heat--those 8 big power tubes put out a lot of it. They are nice for low level listening and look awesome in the dark!
I like the BAT's. Although I am a dealer for BAT, I feel, IMHO that the linearity of the amps are much better suited for the Verity's, which are a tad on the warm side. I think the VAC's would be too much of the same thing with the Parsifals. Another amp I could suggest would be a used pair of Atma-sphere MA1's. Although the Parsifal's are somewhat tough to drive, the 150 watt MA-1's should do the job quite well.