VAC 300.1a Tube Rolling


I could use some help with tube rolling for this amp.
Tubes are: (4) 6SN7 (8) KT88

I Didn't find much in the archives.

You could try calling Upscale Audio or Brent Jessee (, or, for current production tubes, Jim McShane. These are just a few of the sellers who are considered good dealers who will give you good advice.

Check out their websites to determine what they have and what kind of cost you are looking at and decide what kind of sound you want and how much you're willing to spend before calling.

Sorry if you already knew all that but I couldn't tell how experienced you are from your question.
Thanks Tomcy6,
I was looking more for tube rolling experience for this specific amp.
I am familiar with those sources.
My limited tube rolling included , Shuguang 6SN7, Black Treasure 181Z for the front.

Shuguang KT88, Treasure KT88, Svetlana 6550, and Shuguang KT88 Cryoed.

Black Treasures both KT88 and 6SN7 sounded warmer through the mids, Svetlana 6550's sounded cooler top to bottom but lacked the visceral wallop this amplifier is capable of .

Kevin Hayes voices his amplifiers impeccably , you can always make your Vac Phi 300.1 sound different but not necessarily better.

I settled on original Shuguang 6SN7's front and Shuguang KT88 cryoed fron Upscale Audio, highly recomended.

I hope this help you in some way, Regards.
FWIW, I had a VAC avatar super integrated and found that the Genelex Gold Lion Reissue KT88 sounded the best all around. In that amp at least, there was a lot better in the top-end than the shuguang and and also was a bit better in the mid and bass too.

Any sound improvements on cryoed tubes?

I found the cryoed Shuguangs to be a bit quieter and slightly better microdynamics, but the overall balance the same as the standard Suguang KT88.

Upscale Audio claim that the cryoed tubes have a better reliability profile, Vac also sells a KT88SC tube but they're double the money I payed Upscale for the cryoed tubes.

I will eventually give the Genelex Gold Lions a go as mentioned above by Truemaineiac and the new KT150 looks the bomb if compatable .