Vac 140's worth adding balanced power conditioner?

I'm thinking about purchasing a power a running springs for my Vac 140's. I have read some good things from users. I now use NBS professional PC's and I wonder if I would gain a lower noise floor with a conditioner and would a conditioner be compatible with my NBS PC's....
I have a dedicated circuit and have found that my VAC integrated sounds more open when plugged straight into the wall versus into my BPT power conditioner. I do like the BPT for my other equipment.
I'd go straight to the wall.
3rd-Straight in!
Yup! straight up no chaser (I mean conditioner)
Go direct with amplifiers, especially tubes.
Straight into the wall for sure!
Being a true Class A circuit, each 140 draws 500 watts from the wall at a minimum, and can spike a bit higher (so Kevin Hayes told me). My 140's sounded best plugged into 20 amp dedicated outlets. They are not going to suck current like a big solid-state amp, but you don't want them plugged into a power conditioner that could limit current, which is virtually all of them. I suggest dedicated outlets fed by a dedicated transformer.
I discovered that my VAC amps actually sound better plugged into my Powercell 10-SE than into the wall. I can't really explain it (although I bet Synergistic can). There are no power limitations that I can detect at all and the sound is actually more open than plugged into my dedicated 20 amp outlets. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't hearing it.

I'm using NBS and Walter Fields has told me with these cables,go straight to the wall. Another thing is with adding the system star ground(my system) it sounds so good now I realy don't want to change anything. I think the majority of good power conditioners use the system star ground anyway. Kevins amps are designed with multi point ground systems in the amps. If your vacs sound better that way that's wonderful.