VA Strauss or VA Mahler?

Interests opinion of people which compared sounding VA Strauss and VA Mahler.
Distinction between them in the price (3500-4000 $)? It is rather appreciable. I believe, that the difference in a sound too is. Whether but so it is appreciable?
Whether the amplifier Plinius 9100 (power 2õ120 watt on 8 ohm) can to shake VA Strauss or Mahlers?
I am sorry for my bad English.
I like the Straus better,they have a more snappy midbass from what I heard,and they were a bit less warm,with better speed and timing,and they still had all the bass you could ever want,they are one of my favorites at their price,very nice speakers.
Thanks, Tawaundabomb!

Still a question.

In what room of the size they play? What distance from Strauss up to a lateral and back wall? And with what amplifier they?
You use them in a stereo or in íîìå theatre?

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