VA Haydn or Solilouy 5.0??


Im trying to decide between these two bookshelf speakers
and I was wondering if I can have your throughts on these
two speakers.
My gear will be NAD C352 integ amp (80w x 2, Music Hall
MMF CD-25 cd player and Analysis Plus cabling.
My room is 12 x 18 x 8, with wall to wall carpeting.
1-Bookshelf speakers are a little small for that room if you are putting them on a bookshelf. Stand mounting would be much better.
2-If you are putting them on a bookshelf, go for Sat-5's instead of 5.0's. The 5.0's are rear ported and need at least several feet behind them to sound best. The sat-5's have no port. Although the sat-5 is less efficient, it still is amazing quality and has the same tweeter as most of the soliloquy models. (I should know, I have 6 for my theater).
3-Totally different sound between VA and soliloquy. Mellow vs slightly forward. A little boring vs fun. A lot will depend on your gear. Aragons(most class A amps and tube amps for that matter) will sound too soft with VA while they are a great fit with soliloquy. While most solid state gear will sound smoother through VA.
No, the speakers will be going on dedicated 29" stands!
IMO, the only way to get the most of of bookshelf speakers
are on stands!
We've e-mailed a bit on the 5.0's already. My stands are 24", the same as the factory stands. That height, or slightly lower is perfect. 29" would be too high in my opinion.

I have the 5.0's on the dedicated Soliloquy stands. I am using them with the Joldida 302b tube integrated (Acoustic Zen cabling) and am thrilled with the sound. My room is comparable to yours, i.e. 11 x 20 x 8. Speakers are placed on the short wall and about 2' from the rear wall. See "my system" for photos.

Good Luck.