VA Bach / Sand chamber

Does anyone know the size of sand chamber for the Vienna Acoustic Bach speakers? I am going to order micro-bearing steel fill and i'm not sure how much to order.

I talked to a rep from Sumiko (distributer of VA) who highly recommended that I do not use lead shot, and just use sand. I do not know about "steel fill", but I would contact someone at Sumiko before you filled the chamber. My Mozarts used approximately 20-22 lbs. of sound. If you use sand, playground sand is what is recommended, and it MUST be dry. I was too impatient for the sand to naturally dry, so I ran many large pans full through my oven. It took a couple of hours, but I slept easier at night.

I agree with Crega. Dont use lead shot. Dry sand will
work just as well. Filling the sand chamber will make
a huge difference by the way.