V15xMR or Blue Point Special

I would like some opinions as to which cartridge would be the better choice for my table, the Shure V15xMR or the Sumiko Blue Point Special. My table is a SOTA Saphire with an MMT arm. I currently switch between a Shure type IV and a Sumiko Talisman Alchemist 1A. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
Well, what differences, if any, do you hear between the Talisman and the type IV? I had a Type III and a Blue Point...Pretty much the same...Shure cartridges have four wheel drive, if you know what I mean. The Sumiko is not a good tracker. However, space and dynamics is where it excels...

What are you looking for?
The MMT arm is a medium-mass arm, and both the Shure and the Blue Point will work well with that arm. Regarding sound quality, each cartridge has its strong points. The Shure is a phenomenally good tracking cartridge, and the newest version -- the V15VxMR -- is also a bit warmer and more musical than earlier versions. Without some extended listening to both cartridges, it would be hard to know which will best suit your tastes. I have owned and used both cartridges, although I did not have both at the same time. I presently have two cartridges that I use -- and one of them is the Shure V15VxMR. You can get the Shure for about $230 from Garage-A-Records (http://www.garage-a-records.com/), and at that price there is no other cartridge that even comes close to its performance. If you need a final selling point, consider that the Shure's stylus assembly can be easily replaced. I understand from an ad I read that Shure is soon going to increase the price of the V15VxMR, so you may want to act soon.
I prefer the type IV on most rock, the Talismam for classical and seem to be split 50/50 on jazz. The type IV has more weight to it, while the Talisman is definitely more refined. I would have to say that I am looking for something that blends the best of both. It's been a while since I have auditioned anything new and figured this was the best place to get some advice. The type IV is nearing retirement and I am looking to compile a short list to audition.
I would spend a little bit more to get a Dynavector 10X4 or 20H if they can properly set up with your TT and arm. I am using a 18 years old 10A which I could not set it up correctly with my cheaper TT I previouly owned. Until my V15-V damaged from the move, so I had to spend the time to set up the 10A with HK T60 TT. Allowing it to burn in for about 50 hours, then it started to show the analog magic. The rest is history and I ended up listening to LP exclusively now and brought a new record cleaner (VPI 16.5) to some of the used LPs from Goodwill for $2 a piece. I never enjoy analog more and I think you would like it too. Happy listening (to LPs)!!
between those two, the blue point is not the winner. the top isnt very refined, and the bottom doesnt reach down as nicely as the shure. i have an original bp (a pmount with adaptor) with the lyle aluminum block mod which did extend the top and bottom but it isnt that good in those areas even with the improvement. the boxcar version is ever so slightly better than this.
i paid either $75 or $100 for mine new, its not worth any more than that. now theyve raised the price to something like $230. WHY?
the shure V is verrrry accurate and musical. tracking of course is exemplary. it lacks some of the excitement of a mc but that may be in its favor.
an affordable mc thats worth going for is the AT OC9. at $200, its a true bargain with xlnt mids and a nice springy bottom.
id also be more likely to spend $200 on a grado than the bp. the lowest priced wood body grado lists for $300. i dont know what they can be had for but even at $300, it would be a better buy than the bp, and just might sing on that sota/mmt.
Thanks for the advice and the suggestions. I ended up listening to the Shure, BPS, Dynavector and (just by chance) the wood body the Grado at the same store. To my ears, it quickly came down to the Shure and the Dynavector and I ended up buying the Shure, it's been in my system a couple of weeks now (not quite broken in yet) and I am very happy with it. This was a solid step up from the type IV it replaced, more refined, musical, smooth and sweet. I must say that the Dynavector will definitely be on my short list when the time comes to replace my MC. Thanks again!
as you may have realized by now, i misread the heading. i was referrring to the std blue point. im surprised that nobody challenged that. the price i stated should have been a tipoff.
i apologize. the bp special is another animal as i understand it. i personally have not heard one. the remainder of my advice still stands though. the oc9 is a steal at the $200 it goes for. that it needs a stepup is a cost adding factor but if you already have mc capability in your pre, theres no problem there.
aalternatively, sumiko offers a phono section with mm and mc for about $120. thats still less than the $350 list for the bps.
once again, i apologize for misleading you.