V.Y.G.E.R. Indian signature comparison

Is there any guy who compared V.Y.G.E.R. Indian signature TT/VYGER tonearm with other of similar price analog system (i.e. Verdier Platine, Pluto, Avid etc)? As I heard the company which manufactures these TTs has changed and there are no more reliability problems in the pump system. Best regards.
If the Vyger is still made by Pino Viola in Italy I would stay very far away from it> I had a VYGER Indain Sig and got very badly burned by Pino on a carbon tone arm: I sent him the money and never heard from him again. Table is beautiful but has design problems: e.g vacuum gasket seal is too thick and distorts the shape of the record under vacuum prssure. Contrioller unit had reliability problems and the Indain arm was not a good design...Air Tangent is better. Sadly Pino canot be trusted and he screwed his US distributor as well. Be forewarned
Very sad to hear such a beauty and hi-end spec having a lot of issues with the design as well as after sale service. I have to reconsider my plan of buying the Vyger Atlantis.
I am a lucky owner of a vyger indian signature. I own the latest version with the digital control unit that gives you the opportunity to adjust either the vacum and the arm pressure.
I'm lucky because i live in rome and i become good friend of the sales manager and in case of problems i will receive all the assistance.
In my humble opinion the turntable is just magnificentand for shure is among the top five tt in the world.
The price is a big bargain.
On the vyger site you can find the telephone number of Enrico Datti, speak with him, he is reliable.