V. Morrison Moondance reissue vs 2nd press what is the fascination with digital on vinyl?

I recently purchased Van Morrisons Moondance RTI pressing and I have a 2nd press palm tree warner brothers release. The reissue sounds overdone and is not analog.  It is very forward sounding.  The reissue is also somewhat bass heavy getting it wrong especially on the first track.  I find this commonplace with reissues and many audiophile pressings,  Why cant they just make a true analog recording?  Is it that difficult?  what is the fascination with digital on vinyl?  sounds like an oxymoron.

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Direct disc, I will have to remember that.
The only ones I know that have done it on a regular basis are Mobile Fidelity, Analogue Productions, Classic Records, and Music Matters.  Older ones are Speakers Corners, Nautilus, and Simply Vinyl.  So I would say unless its an all digital recording from Day one, unless its on one of these labels, buy the originals.

Then of course there are the mastering engineers. 

Another thing would be if its digital, why put it on a record to begin with?

If it was so expensive to make an analog record in the past, how did they do it?   why did they change things?  Sort of like Plasma.  The new TVs have black blacks, crushed blacks that is and look almost cartoon like in presentation of film and video.  Some things just do not get better, they get cheaper.  
Unbelievably enough, according to Fremer, it appears as though this is in fact an all analog recording.  My question is where is the air and hiss?  What are they doing in the chain differently than they used to do before?