V-DAC owners: Upgraded power cable on PSU?

I recently added the V-PSU power supply to the MF V-DAC, and am quite happy with the improvement. Anyone gone this route (with either the little pinkie or V-PSU) and upgraded the C7 power cable? Wondering if this will make a difference -- I notice that the options for C7 are far less than IEC.
I have had a Little Pinkie for some time and am very happy with it. I am not sure what a C7 is, mine uses a standard IEC to the wall; I usually use an Oyaide GPX PC. If the C7 is the link between the PS and the V-DAC mine is captive; I did recently replace the molded end connection with a Radio Shack one when it became defective.
The C7 is an unpolarized connector used instead of an IEC. My question should probably be if anyone is using an upgraded power cord on their external power supply for the V-DAC. In terms of the connector from power supply to the V-DAC, I wonder if there is a wire upgrade available for that as well -- though in your case Stanwal, it would seem that the little pinkie is equipped with a nice one.
Not that good but too much trouble to change. I have found that the power cord did make a difference even though it draws only a very small amount of power. Obviously there is no way to do an instant comparison so skeptics will be unconvinced.