V-Cap Odam or Miflix output caps In preamp

Wondering if anyone has compared these two caps in a preamp? I am considering the Odams for output two in my Don Sachs preamp. What differences can one expect?
One member here with a ds-2 (@wig I think) replaced his miflex output caps with the odams and felt that it was a substantial across the board upgrade. I replaced mine with duelund tinned copper casts and felt similarly. I also tried a number of other caps. I found the miflexs to have good tone, but they produced a flat, 2-dimensional sound stage in my system. You can read more about the cap comparisons in my system page. 

If those are the only two caps you're considering, I think the odams are an easy choice.
GR Research has their all new Copper caps on the market now...
The ODAM in my DS2 are amazing and beats the Miflex in every category from my testing. GR Copper Caps may be a contender and are quite new...