V-Cap Odam or Miflix output caps In preamp

Wondering if anyone has compared these two caps in a preamp? I am considering the Odams for output two in my Don Sachs preamp. What differences can one expect?
One member here with a ds-2 (@wig I think) replaced his miflex output caps with the odams and felt that it was a substantial across the board upgrade. I replaced mine with duelund tinned copper casts and felt similarly. I also tried a number of other caps. I found the miflexs to have good tone, but they produced a flat, 2-dimensional sound stage in my system. You can read more about the cap comparisons in my system page. 

If those are the only two caps you're considering, I think the odams are an easy choice.
The ODAM in my DS2 are amazing and beats the Miflex in every category from my testing. GR Copper Caps may be a contender and are quite new...

I understand this is an older thread but I wanted to provide some insight (as I know many folk find these threads via a Google search). I would have to honestly say that in my experience in dozens of amplifiers and preamps that I've tried them in, the Miflex beats the Odam in every category that is important to me- more organic tone, more transparency and a more natural midrange. I think the Odam lack good lower midrange/upper bass delineation and I simply cannot enjoy them over time- far beyond 300-500 hours, so burn in is not a concern. The Odams do seem more extended in the highs and deeper in the bass, but I have to try to convince myself that this is better. With the Miflex (once adequately burned in) everything simply sounds more right/real/correct to me. Of course, YMMV but I do not care for the Odams. 

All the best, Aric
I found the V-Cap oils our performed the Milfex copper capacitors in the DAC we manufactuer.  The Milfex are nice but the V-Caps just made music to our ears.

Don of Sach’s now offers the Odams as he really liked them. I have put the Odams in dacs, preamps, amplifiers both SS and tube, and in crossovers . They are wonderful top to bottom. I had a buddy with the nice Sach’s tube preamp. It had the Miflex caps installed, but he was looking for more out of his system. He installed the Odams and was most happy with the improvement. This led Don to trying the Odams and now he offers them.
I want to like the Miflex copper foil caps because they are priced so well. Just can’t get passed how aggressively forward they sound over time. They bring this overly forward sound to every piece of gear I put them in. Just not for me. Impressive at first, but the sound wears me out and cuts short my listening sessions. Went to Odams and relaxed into the music.

Now, one’s system may lean toward the soft, dark and distant side of things. One may want more immediacy in a system and these Miflex caps will do just that. Both are good caps and results will vary system to system. I like mid-hall, not front row. Others want to be from row and in with the performers. It’s all a matter of personal taste and total system synergy.

The Audio Note copper foils are very full bodied and warm for those looking for that particular flavor. Aric once said cap rolling is like being a chef in the kitchen using various spices to achieve the desired end result. He is spot on.
@grannring - we built Class A tube mono block KT-77/EL-34 tubes that use 4 Milflex copper caps per mono. We have not found them to be aggressive at all so as you know each application is different. Have not tried the V-Caps in the mono blocks as of yet but we plan to.

@vinlyvalet - thanks for your complement.  If you are located in the NYC area we have set-up a listening room for people to come and spend some time listening to music.

Happy Listening.

Not aggressive. Rather forward stage is what I shared. This is relative to other high end caps. Not necessarily a bad thing in some designs, systems or ears.  Just not for me and mine. 
Just tried ODAM's at two spots in my 70's EAR 509, proactive replacement due to physical/visual appearance.  Not much space. Not broken in yet but they sound great to my ears.  Very happy with my choice, didnt want change the sound.  Mission accomplished.  Rest of units stock except for electrolytic refresh and replaced out of tolerance resistors.  Chris V. is extremely supportive and knowledgeable.
For some sonic impressions on Miflex.  Read Troels Graveson pages on his EAR gear.  He likes them, responded to my question on preamp upgrade, he was still pleased with his choice.

Hi all, Just to add some more "spice" to the conversation I wanted to add some additional impressions. I've found a variable which may be useful regarding these caps. 

In lower voltage first stage of a few amplifiers I've tried the Odams in, I found them rather extended on both extremes, but somewhat dark in the midband compared to many other caps I've tried. In this scenario the Miflex did the trick and we're very detailed and engaging without any perceived forwardness. 

However in a higher voltage stage where the B+ was closer to 400 volts, the Odams really shined! I found them to be more transparent and neutral here without any of the slight thickness or darkness down below. In this case, the Miflex sounded a tad unrefined in the upper midrange and lower treble. I've concluded that the type of circuit and working voltage make a profound difference over what sounds "best". 

My thoughts are that, since capacitors have two functions (to block DC and pass AC music signals), these may not be mutually exclusive functions and rather somewhat tied into what we hear. 

I've also found this to be true with the Audyn True Copper caps, and I love each of the three, albeit in different situations. 


All the best, Aric

@linnlp12  Could you please reference the article that you're referring to? The only one I could find was where Troels Gravesen upgraded an EAR 861 with the Miflex "KFPM" (not the oil-filled KPCU) and he makes no note of how the capacitors sound, just that a faulty tube caused some noises in the amp and he replaced the tubes. He states his friend could not tell whether it was the caps or the new tubes which made the amp sound better. 




Best, Aric

@aricaudio Are you saying the Audyn like the Miflex or Odam? I"m using both Miflex and Audyn True Copper Max in lower voltage situation.

@sns I wasn't saying either about the True Coppers as I find them equally enjoyable in higher or lower voltage circuits. I'm mainly saying that each can have a different situation where I find them to sound best. I hope this helps, Aric