UX-3 vs UX-1 or other Hi-Rez player?

Well the UX-3 is out in Tokyo. Might have to be among the first to take the plunge.

I did not have time to study the specs closely but appears very similar to UX-1, without BNC, which I don't need.

I already have a G08 for redbook, mainly on the lookout for a Hi-rez player(DVD-A, SACD). But perhaps will trade the G08 in for an all around performer. Maybe keep both? If the UX-3 does not keep up in Redbook. The G08 does play MP3s, while not a major decider nice to have coz can pop in a MP3 mix for several hours of music. Think romantic evening and you will see that high quality audio can be sacrificed for not having to switch CDs. But I have a cheap DVD player which does MP3s for this minor but useful purpose. Though even MP3s, EAC/Xtreme, sound very pleasing on G08.

I was going to just get the DV-50s, and pair with my G08, which has better Redbook IMHO. But folks have noted that the UX-1 had notably better Hi-rez than DV-50, Neo-VRS too. I did not find the UX-1 redbook better* than G08, perhaps comparable mmm maybe not, and UX-1 was kind of out of my spending threshhold last year when I settled on the G08. But a year has passed and hoping bonus will afford an upgrade.

Damn I still have not played all my records with the new Loricraft.

* Note - When I say better, I mean to my liking! Others results will vary.
So the UX-3 doesn't have the word clock BNC input like the UX-1?
According to this web site, that shows the UX-3 rear :
it has a Wordclock input.

But there's no "5.1" ouputs only Stereo/Front ...
A external processor might be mandatory, via I-Link, to be able to listen to get the surround, center, woofer channels ...
I don't see the wordclock input only word sync. Too bad, might have been an option for me.
The BNC plug labelled "WORD sync IN" is a wordclock input ;-)
Great! So when will it be available in North America?
I know from Teac that the UX3 will not be sold in Europe... maybe the US will be more lucky but it may be a product reserved for the japanese market.

Hi guys, this is what I got from their representative:

The UX-3 is currently not available in the U.S. It is a cost down version of the UX-1. Some of the more exotic features have been replaced with more conventional and less expensive alternatives.

For instance, the Magnesium turntable has been replaced with Duralumin; 7mm steel plates replaced with 5mm thick plates, a cost reduced remote controller, et cetera.

The major difference is the UX-3 only has stereo analog outputs. This product is suggested when you already have a theater or surround sound processor and need to feed it with a pristine digital signal. The UX-3 has TOS-link optical, coaxial and I-link (firewire outputs to feed a processor.)

As of this moment, the decision has not been made to bring the UX-3 to the U.S. but if it were available, it would probably retail for around $7,000. That price has not yet been determined.

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If you like Meridian products, you should get the G98 DVD-A/V player and Esoteric X-03 CD/SACD player. The X-03 has a better D/A section than the UX-3.

Those two excellent products will make a fantastic universal player.