Uverse quality questions

I am considering Uverse for my TV service and wonder about picture and sound quality.

Also is the service easy to use and funtion well DVR?

I currently use Directv but would like to save some money by bundeling my internet, phone, TV etc.

any comments appreciated


I thought the same as you. I had directv and switched to bundled uverse. The picture quality is not as good. The dvr runs wince and glitches a lot. The install in my older home required many trips from the installerers over about a month to get it all working properly. When my contract is up in a year I will look into alternatives for tv service. The internet speed and digital phone are okay.
These comments mirror what I read over at avs.com. ---That site is where "everything video" is discussed.
So many are practically rocket scientists and that is where you go before-hand.
thanks Docdan50,

After many searches online I found the majority of users feel the same as you.

Glitchy DVR, poor service and price increases seem to be the story.

Some people really like it but they are the minority.

thanks for posting


I did go to AVS, a difficult site to navigate but good info.


Much of their quality might be depend on their systems quality in your area.

As a Comcast user I shopped for Uverse and they touted superior service via fiber optical system. When the installers arrived they confirmed that the fiber optic ended about a mile away.

Before the installation was finished the tech was reviewing the service with me and I mentioned that the picture quality was poor compared to Comcast. They checked everything and claimed that their system was working properly but there might be an improvement when the fiber optic reaches my house.

Minutes after they left I scheduled Comcast to reinstall their service. Over a year later the fiber optic has yet to come to my neighborhood.

I didn't care for the DVR service as well as the functionality of their programing menu.

While Comcast has good quality it's expensive and it has other little hidden quirks. Example: the film "Thelma And Louise" was offered for free on a Comcast basic service channel as well as on that channels On Demand service. I went to finish watching the film a day later and that film was offered only as a $1.99 pay per view.

I called Comcast and get different excuses which led me to escalate the issue. In the end I was told thats just the way it is and I couldn't escalate further.
My advice to anyone who is happy with their current service, but are unhappy with the price:

Contact your current vendor and tell them you have been offered a great price by their competitor. They will almost always offer you a lower price if you will lock in for a year or two. even if you jump ship before the contract ends, you will have saved more than the early termination fee.

My Time Warner bundle had creeped up to $175/mo. I called them and told them the local phone company had just installed fibre-optic in my neighborhood (true story) and that I was being offered a great price. T/W dropped my monthly fee by more than $40.

Sorry to the OP as this may not apply to satellite services.....


actually Directv has lowered my price in the past when I called to cancel service. The price recently went back up (after a year of discounts) so I am shopping. Part of my problem is a very large tree is ruining my reception so I will switch anyway.

I may actually go with cable because Uverse has so many dissapointed customers.

I switched to uverse from com cast to try to save money. The Internet part is terrible and their customer service is the worst that I haver ever had to deal with.
The picture is an improvement over Comcast and the DVR is less buggy than Comcast.
I had Direct Tv at a previous home but the area that I moved to is very tree laden and the reception was to spotty. Their Internet was to expensive to even consider purchasing it.
Richard thanks,

I am getting cable tomorrow so I will report back shortly.
no goid alternative, everyone has us by the short hairs.
Everyone I know who has switched away from DirecTV, especially to Uverse, has really regretted it. I'm very happy with DirecTV, I wouldn't switch.

I now have Charter cable (SW lower Michigan Co) and the DTV remote ease of use smokes it. The DTV really impresses me with how convienient it is to use and the cable remote is down there with Dish Network remote, maybe worse, too soon to tell.

cable sound is bad, a bit worse than DTV.

cable picture is surprisingly good, HD as good as DTV off air and the standard def stuff is clearly better than DTV standard, so I am kind of geeked about that.

DVR works pretty nice and is supposed to hold 100 HD hours.

Overall not bad for a savings of $40.

fwiw the bottom line reason I switched is that a big tree does not permit me to use HD with DTV and they just brought my price back up (charging me for HD) after an extended discount period.

my two cents...

thanks guys!