Uturn Orbit turntable

There is a lot of positive press on the Uturn Orbit and Orbit Plus turntables.

I really wonder how it compares to a Rega RP1 and ProJect Debut III. Is there any real experience from owners. What I have gleaned from the professional reviews is that while the Orbit is quite good it's not as good as a Rega or ProJect.
I suppose to be fair one must compare the Orbit Plus to the other too. And maybe the Debut Carbon that much better.

Any real world comparisons from members?
I think there is a Uturn Orbit playing a record, either on YouTube or on Michael Fremer's site.
I should have updated this older posting. I ended purchasing a new demo Thorens TD-203 belt drive turntable w/ electronic speed change and their uni-pivot tonearm. It is superb. The price was brought down so it  may be better than the others I was considering. I coupled it with an Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge and Schiit Audio Mani phono preamp. Thanks for your feedback.