UTurn Orbit or Yamaha YP D10


I've ordered a U-Turn Orbit custom with Ortofon 2M blue a few weeks ago. My previous turntable was a Yamaha PD D10, it was in a decent condition but I decided to sell it and go for a new turntable. I think this was a mistake and u-turn performance and build quality doesn't satisfy me. 

Shall I go back? 

The Yamaha was a pretty top of the line table back in the late 70s and still commands a high resale price. The U-turn operates in a different market. Manufacturing and distribution costs mean that you don't get a lot for the relatively small outlay they cost. The Yamaha might cost 4 times to sell if made now. My point is that it is not surprising the Yamaha is a better table. Go back.
Or, look at one of the lower end Regas. Even their entry level models have exceptional tonearms. IMO.
Well yes of course don't stick with something you aren't satisfied with.    Get your old model or something better than that.   Yamaha made a number of great TT's.
I’ve got a Yamaha YP-D6 around here somewhere. Anyone know anything about this model? Never seen another one anywhere.
But how does the U-turn sound compared to the Yamaha?

I was impressed by the features of the U-Yurn
- belt drive around the outside of the platter for consistent speed/Quick start-up
- low centre of gravity counter weight for improved tracking
- acrylic platter for improved details
- noise shedding plinth

The U-Turn is "basic" (build wise) compared to the more "substantial looking" Yamaha - but - which TT performs the best sonically? That’s the key!

The Yamaha, by comparison to the U-Turn is a complicated build, which, if done right it could make it a good performer, but it could also have lots of issues that cannot be fixed easily by the owner

Without hearing the Yamaha I’d opt for the U-Turn, just because of its simplicity in design and the features I listed above.

Personally I want to listen to music - so sonic performance is key - looks are secondary

Good luck - Steve

Thanks for your responses. I do not want to say U-Turn is not a good turntable. Within this price range and the features as you've listed, it is a very good option. If I compare it with my Yamaha YP-D10:

  • Yamaha has a perfect vintage design and even after 30 years it is still beautiful for me. U-Turn's design is modern and minimalistic . 
  • I ordered U-Turn with the most expensive cartridge option (Ortofon 2M Blue), of course you can still upgrade it but this is the best official offering as of today. Sonic performance is good, but not as good as my previous setup. 

I still recommend U-Turn, if you want to have an upgradable system with a great support from the company. 
Have you already sold your Yamaha then, is that what you are saying?

If so you probably should have kept it at least until you had proved the U-Turn one way of the other.

What cart was on the Yamaha as a matter of interest?
Wow, that Yamaha YP-D10 is pretty sexy look'n TT.  
Final decision: I decided to keep uturn with ortofon blue. They sound quite well after break in. 
Thanks for your responses.