utopia diablo

can anybody give any thoughts on these? are there different versions of these speakers?

It’s somewhat neutral-ish with a BBC dip (i.e., drop in output between 1 and 2KHz), caused by combining a 1" tweeter with a 6.5" mid.

I’d say it’s somewhat of a sub-optimal design for home theater since you generally want wide dispersion with no serious nulls for intelligibility, and a 6.5" mid crossed over at 2.2KHz is somewhat not ideal. I’d much rather see a crossover point between 1500-1700hz with a 6.5" mid. Of course this usually requires a waveguide or a high xmax tweeter, which I assume neither are the case of the Utopia be tweeter.

As for versions, I believe Utopia is on version III.
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whats the difference between the 3 and evo?

ive seen these going for really cheap used. why?


A 6.5" mid crossed to a 1" tweeter above beaming frequency isn't a "problem" only if you consider BBC dip a design goal.
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