ute-friendly speakers?

A mint pair of maggie 3.3R are leaving me, to make room for: 1) more room in the house and 2) a ute that's about to be ambulatory. This means I need to "upgrade" to a speaker that is 1) able to be pushed up near the rear wall and still sound good (the maggies are three feet out) and 2) no unguarded components within 2 feet of the floor (lookout for that caroming ute with a sharp pencil!).

Because it would be too easy, I have to rule out bookshelf/stand combos (yes, there's some WA factor there). Based on audiogon pricing, it looks like I have between 1,500 and 2,000 to spend. I'm not fussy about buying used. The amp is a NAD 125 wpc, with a powered monitor audio sub, and the room is 20 x 30.

Once I discovered the maggies, I never thought I'd let them go, so I have not stayed up on speakers. Is there something that meets my (admittedly picky) critera, and still maintains some of the imaging and openness of the maggies?
Did you say UTE?

Screw a pair of M-L Scripts to the wall out of the ute's groping range until it's old enough to respond to physical discipline and stay off your speakers lest it earn a whoopin'. Once the house monkey is grown sell them to a home theater junkie as surrounds. Nothing's going to sound good on the wall or near it, but these were designed for it and they're not terrible sounding- hell, they might even image a little.

Why can't you get a nice stable box speaker with sturdy grilles (and drivers near the top of the box only) and just pull them out in the evening after the ute's been anesthetized? (try bourbon in its apple juice)
What exactly is a "Ute"?

I can't make a recommendation per se, how ever if you love the magnepan sound, a member over at MUG found a way to suspend his MMG's up and out of the way(and he says they still sound good). I realize there's a big difference between a 3.x and a MMG but you got to do what you gotta do! Another consideration would be some sort of Horn speaker, they are less particular to room placement in relation to the front wall- though you may go over budget with them. here's a link to the toddler proof mmg's
I second Tireguy's suggestion especially if you like Magnepans. A friend of mine hung his 1.6QR's by cables, angled them downward and toed into the sweet spot and secured them to the back wall with a brace at the bottom. He likes to sail so he got all his hardware stuff from a boat shop. It kept them safe from all sorts of kritters and sounded pretty good considering they were up off the floor by over three feet with the top angled downward approimately 30 degrees.

Good luck,
Why not just teach the kid to not mess with them? Yes, sounds impossible but I bet it can be done. When I have kids (soon, if fiancee has her way... ) I dont' plan on changing gear at all. Perhaps I am optimistic, but I think it can be done, with careful discipline, attentiveness, (and perhaps a fence of some sort... ? )... Sure, the seriously dangerous/expensive tube amps will be in a locked room, but the HT system will be in living room... do a search here on Agon, there's been some threads about this before... you can have your stereo and kid too... ;-)

Tireguy, watch the movie "My Cousin Vinny" to find out what exactly a UTE is.
Eldulcesol- I've seen the movie and my first line was quoting the judge from that film ;)
Carolina Audio JTM's ($1750 new) can be placed against a wall with minor compromise in sound ... no grills available but the Jordan JX92 driver is high enough off the floor.


Also, Gradient Revolutions can be configured via there rotating bass/midrange tweeter module to be placed against a rear wall again with minor sound compromise. You would need to find a used pair to fit into your price range.

Ute Friendly? Isn't that like "Government Intellegence"?
Gradient Revolution, per Jrinkerptdnet above. Intended to be placed against wall with delicate drivers high enough to be out of reach.

I sold my apogees and got martin logans 'cause of my 'utes.

I feel your pain.
"and you blend"

Great movie and I second the opinion of Douglikesaudio on the Martin Logans. They are somewhat indestructible...

Best of luck-
Thank you everyone, especially for something rarely seen at Audiogon: consensus! Looks like it's time to listen to these Gradients. Meanwhile, a mint set of cherrywood 3.3Rs are coming soon to an Audiogon near you...
A tazer is much cheaper than new speakers.