USPS Sucks

USPS Sucks
They all suck! I've had many terrible experiences with Fedex, but only one with USPS and UPS thus far. Fedex is particularly spotty because they contract ground and some other service tiers to third parties. This is why they can range from excellent on one shipment to beyond dismal on the next.
Lately, USPS is plain awful. I recently had a package delivered to me Priority Mail. It was travelling about 40 miles as the crow flies. The final delivery route encompassed about 200 miles and took 3 weeks. Also had a letter sent PM and it sat in the city of delivery for over a week and it was going to a PO Box. Right now, they are easily the least reliable.
Sucks is a VERY BAD WORD and not nice.
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I have over 25 years using USPS Priority Mail & First Class Mail, delivering thousands of items for me. Prices are reasonable, delivery on time 98%+ of the time. Always print my own labels, with tracking. In my case, USPS does not suck.
Politics.  My guess is the two biggest issues are primarily Republican politicians decrying a "socialized" postal system insisting it not lose money thus forcing cutbacks, while politicians on both sides refuse to permit a wide range of sensible rate increases that would increase revenues.  And Trump's appointment of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy seems to have accelerated the decline in the quality of service.  Even so, the US Postal system continues to be a marvel of economy and efficiency.  Personally I would always prefer to ship by USPS over UPS though I think FedEx is the best.  Have you ever gotten a package shipped by UPS faster than the slowest estimated date because I never have.  But almost everything shipped first class or priority USPS gets anywhere in the country within 2-4 days.  Pretty amazing really.  But hey, you are entitled to your opinion.
almost is a good word

i sent a 2 day priority mail fixed rate box from california to maryland last month

took 3 full weeks to be delivered
pinwa is right on the money. It is no secret Louis Dejoy wrecked the US postal service. He took out sorting machines, laid off workers, tried to remove neighborhood mail boxes and also recently approved a multi billion dollar contract with Oshkosh corporation for a new fleet of mail trucks AFTER he invested in part of $52 million of their stock. Although Biden may try to stop that deal since none of these trucks are in line with his new energy and reduced emissions plan. Ohio was supposed to re-open the GM plant and build new Workhorse group trucks, a plan that would create new jobs but Dejoy cashed in with Oshkosh.
USPS is having big problems. 30 days to deliver 4 hours away on a two day priority package. 28 days on another priority package. They sat in sorting facilities for weeks! Will not use them anymore. Vendors are giving warning notes if you choose USPS stating packages are running very late.
Pinwa, stop the political BS. There is already enough BS on this site
There's a certain Postmaster and administration scheme to wreck the post office to thank for recent changes in events.
Dejoy was put into that position by DT to kill the USPS.  The REAL reason is because of trumps feud with Jeff Bezos from Amazon. Trump wanted Amazon to pay a much higher fee to ship via USPS. Trump was jealous of Bezos and caused all this to happen. F trump. 
Hmmm.  I thought it was because more dems were going to vote by mail, and he hoped they'd arrive too late to be counted.  But the Bezos theory is good too.
USPS shipments are at my door in 5 days or less... consistently.

I also have been using the USPS for over 25 years and haven't had ANY of the problems listed. I get stuff delivered every week. My son and daughter get packages delivered on a daily basis. The service we receive from the USPS has been over all EXCELLENT. 


You are correct, that is the other reason and I neglected to mention it.  
Used to be for me also.  Changed recently. I ship multiple items daily and no longer can trust usps.  It is a regional thing with them. Memphis sorting and well as a Texas sorting facility are in the weeds deeply. Hope they sort it out:)
there's no question that in the past year or so usps has taken an abrupt turn for the worse--my local post offices, which have traditionally been tidy and efficient, look post-apocalyptic now, with barely any personnel, mail and packages overflowing from unsecured bins, etc. all my postman buddies complain about hours being cut and no support from leadership. in practical terms, delivery times for letters or stuff i buy on ebay seems to have doubled, plus i see alot of "misdelivered" or missent" items. it's become like a third world country
USPS delivery times have increased a lot over the last couple years, but still use USPS for items that are not large and heavy. If it's small and they can throw it, both UPS and USPS will. They have destroyed items double boxed many times. I've had better luck with FedEx overall.
Just received a box package that should of gone across the state which I could of driven in 2  1/2 hrs. took 14 days
Absurd !,
I will take all my business to FedEx