Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write a few words for all of you who are thinking whether to sell/ship overseas.

I have just bought a UMC-200 from a user who has been kind enough to ship it to Madrid-Spain. While the estimated cost was more than $300 using FedEx, USPS quoted $125 including insurance for $500 value. In fact, USPS matched the delivery date, and the delays afterwards were due to local customs/postal service err on the documents numbers.
Anyway, the important thing is that it arrived perfectly, except for a knock on the exterior box, hence the importance of double boxing. It took from march 8th to march 15th (seven days, quite nice).

So, my advice, is:

1. Yes, you can use USPS priority mail to ship overseas. It will travel by plane.
2. Make sure your customer is aware of customs regulations. I knew in advance I would have to pay VAT+Customs. That will be valid for all European countries in the EU. If they fail to do their duty, there is a chance you get your item back. So, be sure to keep track of crossed mails, etc, to avoid Paypal claims.
3. Use double boxing! And, of course, use the insurance for a fair value. Avoiding costs this way may prove a bad idea.

I want also to thank the user @hmthtrnut who has been kind enough to ship my (brand new) Emotiva UMC-200.

Sometimes USPS looses items on international shipments. I'd say close to 1...2% chance.

'Course. I guess all companies do (though 1-2% is quite high). That's where (and why) the insurance makes sense.
czarivey2,521 posts03-22-2016 2:27pmSometimes USPS looses items on international shipments. I'd say close to 1...2% chance.

So what company has a ZERO% losing an item or 100% tracking record?
FedEx is substantially less than 1% of loosing or damaging shipments so very close to ZEO%. If included insurance, FedEx beats all shipment companies on most shipment types.

UPS is over 30% chance lost or damaged -- THE WORST.
Knock on wood, I've never encountered losing items with USPS, FedEx or UPS.   Now I use USPS for small and FedEx for large packages.
The claim that UPS has a 30% loss rate is nonsense, for if they did, they would have gone out of business years ago.  UPS financial statements, 10K, put the loss rate at about 1.1%.  Would they lie to the government?  Remember, the loss rate and the damage rate are different.
Coolhunter, NO and NO again Nobody lies to government and our government is the most truthful government in the world.
I've shipped hundreds of cables all over the World with USPS Priority International and have never had a lost shipment or damaged good. I have complete confidence in the USPS.
Less-likely even UPS will damage cables.
UPS is OK for paper towels, wires, hockey pucks. Those won’t be damaged. I would think twice before shipping with UPS soccer ball or any clothes. Had seen them being pierced with sharp object and permanently damaged. I’d say loss rate of UPS is variable: On non damageable items it’s close to 0, but on items with even small degree of being damaged, it’s high. On items such as turntables, players, amps and even car rims the probability of loss is actually 50/50.