Using Zu Def 2

I recently changed speakers for my two channel system and would like to use my Zu Definition 2s to form the basis of a separate 5.1 home theater system.
Any suggestions on a good centre speaker and rear speakers that will work with the zus as well as a receiver to drive everything? Not sure on budget - maybe $2,000
I recommend staying with Zu. Those speakers sound awesome and have a character that's difficult to match.

Are the ASI speakers that much better than the Def?
I got lead astray with the Moonie SIRHAN with the RWA 30.1 amp/pre amp stuff.

What he likes may not be what you like and you think you like it because he writes highly on it. Hope this is not true with you as it was with me.
I still like the Zus very much - great speakers - where I think the ASI's are a little better is in having a tighter bass and clearer treble but I don't like making direct comparisons as these are both, in my humble opinion, unique speakers.

Getting back to the original question, how best to go about integrating the Zus into a 5.1 system would be appreciated.

If I can add, I also have a Melody SHW 1688 II preamplifier which I could use in the 5.1 system if it makes sense but a real newbie on home theater and need to understand how I can bring it all together.
I have a full 5.1 based on the Zu Definition ver 1 with custom Zu center and surrounds. Please see this link for photos;sa=album;id=1327

Originally I had the Def's with an Energy RC300 center and Energy XL 15 surrounds. This sounded more than adequate, however once I made the upgrade to the Zu center and surrounds, it was a more synergistic and fuller sound, as they are quite a bit larger than the Energys hat I was using.

If you are looking for a receiver, I would suggest a look at the newer lineup from Onkyo/Integra, full features and nice sounding (per the HT mags). I have the Integra DHC9.9 as my Processor, and the Integra Research RDA-7 as my amp, so I would expect the newer products to have a similar sonic signature.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks.

I am thinking of purchasing the Denon 4310AVR Receiver and would appreciate recommendations for a center speaker and two rear speakers that would work well with the Denon and Zu Definitions.

I have looked at the Zu options but it would cost too much to have a complete Zu 5.1 system and anyway looking for something more modest and for the rear speakers, something smaller.


Understood. As stated, I had good results with the Energy speakers for center and surround duties. I think that they represent a solid product at their price points. I believe that the center was @ $300 and the surrounds were @ $200 when I purchased them.