Using XLR to Rca adapter

I am trying to connect my CD player via its RCA output to the XLR input on my preamp instead of the RCA ( using XLR to RCA adapter ) will this sound better than connecting RCA to RCA, thanks.
It's highly doubtful... but will sound no worse.
I used those just as you are contemplating (Cardas brand) and it introduced pronounced noise into my system. I could hear the transport motor! I put them away and still have them....I would stick with the rca to rca interface.
Properly run, RCA will equal XLR. The purpose of XLR is for long runs with multiple adjacent lines- AC, Speaker level, antenna, other ICs, as in studios. I have runs of RCA that are 25 feet in length using a variety of shielded single ended RCA. Absolutely no noise or audible interference to my ear. In runs behind components, short shielded and unshielded RCAs are likewise free of audible noise. Make sure the ICs are properly designed and built for your purpose. In my system, the long runs are necessarily close to other wires and thus I use braided shielded designs. I have no RFI issues where I live and I try to control EMI at the source using shielded AC cables, physical distance, and ERS cloth. I have other ICs that are short and not near other lines and I use a variety of shielded and unshielded solid core and twisted ICs. Experiment with them, buy used, sell what you don't like, and most of all, have fun!
As has been indicated in the prior posts, using an adaptor to connect your system through the balanced inputs has no advantage and may actually be disadvantageous. For one, using the balanced inputs does not mean that the signal would be balanced since an adaptor will not convert your standard signal to a balanced one. You seem to be thinking that the adaptor will provide you with a shortcut to having a balanced system. It will not. Secondly, the fewer connections, the better. Adding yet another interface between the signal and your amplifier or preamp will more than likely increase noise, to say nothing
of adding to the likelihood of hum.
I have (2) sets of the Cardas XLR to RCA adapters running into my ARC preamp that have phono stages at the other end and I hear NO noise or any other anomolies. I ran out of RCA inputs, so I had to use the balanced inputs. My phono stages are RCA out only, so this works VERY well for me. I agree with Blindjim.
Ridding yourself of as many adapters as possible is a good thing.
2nd Stringreen.If the signal is not balanced to begin with.
It may depend on whether your preamp sounds better going through balanced or unbalanced, if the preamp is fully balanced it may sound better through balanced input. I've not noticed any deterioration of signal going through Cardas XLR to RCA adaptors, still think less adaptors the better.
I want to use an active crossover and the crossover, JBL M552, has all XLR in and outs. My ins are XLR and the Low frequency amps are XLR but the problem is my amps for the mids/highs is RCA out only. Any advice? Is there a good crossover out there that would offer both balanced and RCA? I haven't purchased the crossover yet, wondering if the crossover M552 could be taken to a pro and have tech change out the XLR for the High Freq. to RCA.....any of this sound logical or is there any better solution? The speakers are for JBL 4345. Thanks. ssrobw
Newbie xlr question: with a 1 meter length, will moving to xlr bring any advantage over rca ICs?
Never liked adapters. A good adapter cable sounds better, IMO. I recommend this one: BTW, I now own most of the Cabledyne line so I am biased. No affiliation with them, just a happy user.