Using XLR cables on the Sony 5400 SACD player?

I use MarkerTek Pro XLR cables between my Xono, X1, and XA30.5 and like them very much. They have Neutrik connectors which do not mate with the Sony 5400 XLR connectors.

What XLR cables work on the Sony?

What brand of XLR connector is on the back of the Sony?
Every XLR that I have tried. What is unusual about the Neutriks you have?

I have balanced leads from my 5400 to the BAT preamp. Cables are from Grover - Switchcraft XLRs.

I'm with Kal - should definitely work.

I have used Van Den Hul Jubilee, Morrow Ma4, Wywires and Crimson Music Links at present. These XLR's all worked with my Sony SCD-XA5400ES. The Crimson's are what I presently use and they easily beat the others. They were a revelation, especially for the price! Do yourself a favor and try these cables in your system...Austin HIFI offers free in-house trial.
Use the other end.

I was in too much of a rush! Wrong end!

Sorry for the post.

And I thought you bringing levity! LOL
Glad it worked out.

Thats a good one ,LOL .
And make sure the power cord is plugged in.