Using VPI SDS with a CD PLAYER

Is anybody using a VPI SDS to power there CD Player?
if so how do you program it? Thanks, Riq
this is probably not advisable. Remember that the SDS is a motor controller. It starts out at full line voltage, then reduces output to ~75vac or so, as the motor current reduces due to counter-emf buildup. You could really hurt your CDP's electronics that way; use a line regenerating product such as PS Audio if you must. Some simply use an AC line balancing transformer at 1:1 ratio.
The voltage changes in the SDS are programmable and defeatable so it could be set to maintain full line voltage for this as long as you remain within its current capacity.

It mentions the usage for a Cd player in the manual, but doesn't get into any details? I think Harry's just trying to sell more SDS's?