Using two small bookshelf speakers as a center channel

Good morning esteemed colleagues! I come asking for recommendations.

I am in search of a center channel. But am having a height issue.

Currently there is a bose center channel under the tv. This is due to a 4 inch height restriction I have on the tv. The access hole will not allow me to raise the tv any higher or you will see the hole. Yes, I too wonder why they would place the access hole so low but that’s another story.

My thought was to use two small bookshelf speakers on the sides of the tv as the center channel. My Denon will support the parallel run.

Please see the picture. I have 7" deep by 16" wide to work with here. The red arrows are where I would place the speakers. The white arrow shows the height restriction I have and I have not been able to find a center channel under the 4 inch height. Klipsch was close but not there for the center, but when I saw their RP-400 book shelf at 7.5" deep I thought this might be a viable option.

Your thoughts please. Thanks! Steve

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if you're considering running two speakers off a single channel of your denon, don't do it--your receiver isn't so designed. a number of manufacturers make slim center channels which should fit your needs--check out the following:/item/cantcd1502whta/canton-cd-150.2-3-slim-center-chan...also look at polk audio, which makes some similar models