Using two center channel LCR speakers for stereo

Any reasons not to? I figure bass in the MTM should be better than bookshelves from the same maker/series. Do high-end LCR such as Monitor Audio GS or Von Schweikert sound different from their L/R siblings? Thanks.
To generalize, vertical MTMs will be OK.

There is a thread from 3/4 years ago explaining why this isn't such a hot idea. However, maybe 15 years ago I had a Mirage set-up;wherein it worked wonders for me. Their center had such a narrow focus and 2 of 'em did much to fill the center. So I say if it won't cost to much, try it.
It is often recommented that center channel type of speakers not be used. Rather, a single speaker that matches the front left and right be used. The latter often produces a coherrent match of the drivers and crossovers. The added benefit is that it puts all the drivers in the same plane.
I've heard 2 Von Schweikert LCR-15's used this way and they sounded fantastic. I know Totem also markets their Model 1c for use this way.
If a speaker is an LCR then the company in theory has made it optimized for both applications and thus its name. Placement of them will not be all Horizontal though.
LCR='s....Left/Center/Right. (they are only center channel speakers, if you use them there). All MTM designs I have heard, sound best when placed vertical...even for center channel use (but, of course you can't always do that with the center channel speaker).

Thanks everyone!

I also found a monster thread on avsforum (Monitor Audio Owners Thread) where someone did this with GSLCR. I placed a Wanted Ad here but so far no "used" ones have turned up. Thanks to the dollar's recovery (rather, fall of the stirling), these are now routinely discounted 15-20% (new).

I will start another thread reporting a serendipitous discovery of sorts...

-- William