Using tube preamp for a phono preamp

I am currently using a B&K PT3 Mk2 preamp/ tuner. I am going to add either a phono pre or an old CJ or Counterpoint tube pre with a phono section. I use the bass/ treble on the B&K to equalize. Can the old tube pre be used as an option to a pure phono pre. If so how?
If the old tube preamp has tape-out jacks, run from these to an aux input on your primary preamp.

However, don't pass up the opportunity to listen to the "old CJ or Counterpoint" tube preamp as your primary preamp. You may be pleasantly suprised.
Agree on all counts with Rushton, especially about listening to the CJ/Counterpoint on its own.
Amen to the posters above and very astute advice. Any of the older CJ's[especially the premier series] and the counterpoint's,when operating to spec are in a whole higher league then the B&k.