using to amps?

have a solid state amp that allows me to bi-wire one pair of speakers.have another pair that are 93db and was wondering if i could use a tube amp to use with that pair while using all the above as one system?my preamp does allow me to connect two amps.thank you.
Sorry,using two amps?
I'm confused. Are you going to connect two amps and two sets of speakers using each of them independent of each other (one amp off!) or are you talking about bi-amp'ing one set of speakers with two amps?

FWIW, some pre-amps with two sets of outputs can drive two of anything at the same time, some can't and those that can't and are put into service thus wired can cause the amp to put out a signal which can/will damage your speakers and/or the amp, or both. (I own one of the latter pre-amps (-:)

Before going forward check with the pre-amps manufacturer or distributor, or even a good techie who is experienced with your pre-amp.
have two pairs of speakers connected to one pair of speakers are biwire,the other is not,but is a easy to drive 93db.want to use the solid state to drive the biwire,with biwire cables, and maybe use a tube amp to drive the others.preamp does have connections for two it possable?
Yes it is.
As long as the preamp is designed to supply signal to both of the outputs, at the same time; Yes.