Using Threshold's SA/3.9e as Mono Amp

Does anyone know if it's possible to use Threshold's SA/3.9e as Mono Amp. Iown one and am actively looking for a second, assuming this is possible. I have Thiel 3.6's for speakers that are NOT biwireable.

I would recommend contacting Jon Soderberg at Vintage Amp Repair and ask him about your situation. If you email him, please be patient as he's quite busy. He will get back to you, but it might take up to a couple of days. Sean
Sean, Thanks for the tip
I once owned the 3.9 and agree it was one of the best amps of its time. However, I suggest if you find a seccond that you biamp. Or Get the ALEPF 2, an even better soundimg amp at 100 watts mono. I have seen them rarely on audiogon for about $3,400. The 3.9 you are looking for is even harder to find than the ALEPH 2 and the ALEPH 2 may not cost much more than your 3.9 plus a second one. I have been told and have found to be true that a better amp (either 2 mono or stereo) will sound better thn two lesser amps. Remember that your 2-3.9 amps wont play that much louder tnan one 3.9 or than the ALEPH 2. You may wont to look at easier to drive speakers, Zalytron makes some great speaker kits that are easy to drive. So do several other companys. good luck, Peter
Yeah the sa3.9e is a great sounding amp...especially for the money used. It might, however be easier to locate a couple of T200's, which are not as rare it appears. Or, maybe a T400 on it's own will do what you need for those 3.6's. I would be currious to know what one 3.9 sounds like in mono..but my gut says probably not as refined in mono. Hummmm. Why not call Threshold and ask em? I think they're back in biz,yes?
Still, overall, buying one Pass X150 is going to sound better I think(just make sure you're doing "balanced" with that amp!!!). The Alephs may also be worth a shot.
with any of this, the nice thing is that you can sell what you don't want! Gotta love the used market...