Using the Wilson Audio Duette as a center channel?

I have a pair of Wilson Sophia 2s as my mains. I do not have the space for a Watch center channel, but I have been looking at Duette pair and using one of them on its side as a center channel.

Has anyone tried this configuration? How do the Duettes match with the Sophia 2? Is this a sensible configuration or is there another speaker that would match better? I have a small living room (10 feet by 15 feet, the mains and the center will be along the long wall).
I would think it wouldn't be a good mate because of its native very forward projection of sound. Not to mention the outboard crossover and the combined size of the speakers and crossover.

I love the Duette and would be thrilled to have a pair, but as a center channel...not so much.
Another option to consider is to get a pair of Duettes and put one on each side of your screen. Since both speakers will get the exact same signal, it will be like playing a mono recording and will have a very strong center image. I like that way better because sometimes the center has a hard time keeping up with the main speakers. Using 2 speakers for the center is a big help in that regard.
@Montytx: Interesting, I did not think that the Duette's sound reproduction quality was very different from that of the Sophia's (other than a slightly lower bass response, of course). The outboard crossover does add to the bulk but it might be possible to locate it (discreetly) out of sight and only run cables to the speaker, perhaps?