Using the Linn Unidisk SC as a stereo pre-amp

In his June 2005 Stereophile review of the Unidisk SC, Art Dudley claims
he used an SC, a Linn Klimax Twin amplifier and no pre-amp to drive his
Quad ESL989's in stereo mode.

I tried a similar stereo setup but I was unsuccessful because the "TV
Out" RCA jacks of the SC are fixed level output therefore you need a
pre-amp or processor for volume control.

Any idea how Dudley used the SC without a pre-amp in stereo mode. I
understand the 5.1 output rca jacks are variable but Dudley was only
driving 2 stereo speakers?

I am trying to downsize my system, so if I could use the Unidisk SC as a
disk player/stereo preamp it would save me money and space.

Hook your (2-channel stereo) amp to the L-Front and R-Front RCA jacks in the 5.1 output cluster (as if you're hooking up a 5.1 system, but leave the Surround, Center, and Subwoofer jacks empty). Then go to the "Speaker Setup" menu (described on pages 10 and 11 in the latest Unidisk SC manual), and set your speakers as follows:

Set to "Large" (That's already the default setting....)

Set to "Off"

Set to "Off"

Set to "Off"

The above settings will tell the SC that you're using the front speakers (in their full-range setting), but that you are NOT using a Center, Surround, or Subwoofer. The SC will then realize you're in simple stereo mode, and it'll send all of the signals to the front speakers, just like a normal stereo preamp. (And if you ever add a subwoofer, change that setting to Subwoofer: "On", etc....)

Cheers! - W
Roofus, use the front left and front right outputs. Yes they are variable. Make sure to go to the setup program and choose 2-channel stereo, which will then pass the entire signal to those outputs. If you have a sub you can choose 2.1 or if you want to use a center channel as well you can choose 3.1. The manual is very clear and good luck.
The processor portion of the SC can be set up for straight stereo. The whole point of the SC is to provide universal digital playback, and DSP / pre-amplification capabilities in a compact, less expensive package.