Using stereo and 5.1 receivers on same speakers?

I hope this doesn't sound like too much a dumb question/scenario. I have a Peachtree Audio Decco connected to two Totem Mites for my main 2 channel listening pleasure. The Decco is connected to an AppleTV and a CD Player. I would like to experience a 5.1 system as well for bluray and dvd's. Would it make sense to use the Totem's as the front pair for a 5.1 setup or to buy a separate 5.1 setup (I was thinking of Mirage Nanosats for a very small room). If I kept the totems I would want to be able to connect to the Decco for 2 channel listening and a 5.1 receiver (say a Denon 1610) for surround sound. I am assuming the Decco is better than a cheaper surround receiver for 2 channel dedicated listening. Any thoughts on this? I guess I would have to keep plugging the speakers into different receivers in this scenario. Unless there is some easier way.
Get a good quality DSP - feed your TV cable box BD or whatever digital to the DSP and use the passthru analog two channel with your CD player.High end DSP's are not all bad like they were 10 years ago and many have dedicated good quality two channel analog capability specifically for your type need.
I have the same question as the OP.

What is DSP?