The idea I propose is simple and I'm sure some of you already know where I'm going with this, so here goes. Take a simple piece of pipe the same diameter used on police door rams, add a series of coils along it's axis, and a solid steel slug free floating inside the pipe. Add current and bang! The slug should be propelled from one end to the other. This combined with a well timed swing of the ram should increase the amount of force applied, bringing down any door. The main idea here is to reduce the weight of the ram while simultaneously increasing the amount of force applied. Also, the coils could be powered by a capacitor bank on the ram and charged before using it.

I haven't built a prototype yet or even looked to see if someone else has done this. So any information or ideas about this project is greatly appreciated. I do not have a background in electrical engineering or any thing like that, just an over active imagination. And I never want to carry a ram up 10 flights of stairs ever again. It may sound simple but every ounce counts, especially when you're in body armor and wearing who knows what else you might need. I will give credit to anyone that can contribute idea's or thoughts, that could solve this problem, if someone else hasn't already, that is.........
Interesting idea. Wouldn't you have to use a magnet rather than a steel slug? Also, you could have a retractable switch that stands out a few inches beyond the front of the ram, and when that is depressed (prior to the actual ram hitting the door) the current switches on.

You know - you need AC to move the magnet back and forth. But perhaps just going from zero to full voltage would be the first half of the swing. Thoughts from the more knowlegable?
A sledge hammer and a halgon tool never failed to work for me.
You know - you need AC to move the magnet back and forth. But perhaps just going from zero to full voltage would be the first half of the swing. Thoughts from the more knowlegable?
One way from DC. (Think of the AC signal as alternating DC.)You certainly don't want it coming back.

Kal (who built a few electrocannons in his youth)
Wow, I've gotta say this is one thread I didn't see coming. What's next? Maybe adapting blu-ray lasers for interrogation!

Oh, the poor SWAT guy has to carry a heavy implement of destruction up flights of stairs before he can crack heads and shoot people. Life's just so unfair. But I'm sure you get a great benefits package, eh?

But if you do come up with this solenoid-assist battering ram make sure you get the proper credit and they name it after you. I guess it's a dubious honor in a land where any kind of honor is scarce at best. And if the electric angle doesn't work out then perhaps you should look into a compressed gas-pulverizer... with adjustable ranges of force so it could also be used to brutalize suspects. After all, repeated punching can get very tiring and why risk busting a knuckle on that kind of scum?
this sort of thing already labs.
Timing is everything in releasing the capacitor charge.

Look up 'Rail Gun'.....

It is not 'recoiless' so if you have a couple guys holding the 'ram' when it fires the slug, the ram tube will recoil backwards..........and not deliver full power to the slug intented to breach the door or whatever.

I Floated a proposal to make an electromatnetic railgun Punkin Chucker, but couldn't get my engineering buddies to want to help! Imagine being the first person to put a pumkpin in ORBIT via railgun.
Plato, I could have sworn I heard angels laughing at that one.

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What a joke Dude!!
Thank you all for your comments, I honestly expected them to be much worse than they are.......

I have to say that the rail gun is part inspiration for this idea. Just cap off the ends. I also like the idea of using a pressure switch to eliminate timing issues. The other part of inspiration came from that flashlight you shake back and forth to charge it, perhaps it could be utilized to help charge the system. And as stated above (by Tsugury)I have never had an issue with the way current equipment works, however when in country where you have to carry everything you need, the weight becomes a serious issue. And as for the Punkin Chucker I have to say that I found that the pumpkin would (unfortunately) shred far before achieving orbit like velocities. Perhaps I should try a sabot system next time.....

Please keep the ideas coming,
+1 with Picfink. Equal and opposite forces and all that. Cant beat Newtonian Physics. Yet.
I think the idea here is that the equal and opposite force is the door giving way. I can certainly imagine using such a device on a solid concrete wall would give a similar effect as not holding onto a baseball bat hard enough. Boing! Try to think of a jack hammer, it's rebound is tremendous. But the asphalt does not give way like a door. So if I'm wrong (or is used on a bunker wall) I guess it could come back to bite you. Proper training should solve this.

Besides it is intended as a light weight force multiplier not a bulldozer. And in following the K.I.S.S. approach to design (Keep It Simple, Stupid) I can see Gas assisted Rams needing fittings, high pressure tanks, filling stations and that only increases weight and complexity. I'm talking about a self contained maintenance free, lightweight Ram. One that could be charged by a variety of sources from 12 volt car outlets to standard house hold wall plugs. And being that it would use a modified capacitor bank, it really doesn't care how or what kind of current it receives (AC, DC, 12 volt, 110, 220) it should all go through a resistor or solid state circuit of some sort anyway, and it gets charged, from a plethora of viable sources.

Perhaps speaker technology could be used to flush toilets as well. The driver in the seat lid could blast the shit down the hole. The real challenge would be to select the proper music for the occasion.

Suggestions? ;)
Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 4th movement.
Dry off to "O Freunde, nicht diese Tone!"

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