Using small stereo speakers

For over 25 years I've used panel speakers including Acoustat, Magnepan and Martin Logan. I bought the Martin Logan Odysseys in about 2005 and have been very happy with them for stereo as well as HT (I haven't done surround sound now for about 10 years though). As a side note, my preference for the music that I most listen to, has been the ribbons but, for me, it seems that the ESL's are more versatile. Also, I'm not saying that panels are the best choice for everyone; it's just what I've become accustomed to.

That being the history, I find myself in the position of trying to find a replacement speaker setup using stand or bookshelf speakers augmented with a subwoofer. I've tried something like this before and wasn't satisfied with the sound so need some input.

I have a Vandersteen sub which I can put back into service but the way it's designed allows for phase adjustment but no choice in crossover frequency. I don't really understand this concept but never really paid any attention to it when I was using larger front speakers. I'm considering trying the NHT 2.0 bookshelves primarily because they're inexpensive and I've read good reviews about them. This is a very small speaker which NHT advises using their sub with for those who are bass conscious.

So, here are the concerns; without the sub I can't imagine that these tiny speakers are capable of reproducing enough bass even for solo guitar music. That being the case, I assume that the sub they sell for use with the 2.0 will blend well because the crossover point and slope are specifically made to accompany this speaker pair, but can the Vandersteen be made to accomplish the approximate same thing? Also, am I spinning my wheels starting with the NHT's in the first place.
What model Vandersteen sub do you have? They make 2. One for audio and the other for theater.
Well, ZD, that's a good question and one which reminds me of my bad news. I bought this sub quite a few years ago when I was putting a combination system (stereo and surround) together using JM labs speakers across the front. For this setup I decided on the 2W which is the HT model sub providing only a line level connection and my current amp is the Rogue Audio Sphinx with no treble or bass level control.