Using Schiit Loki to reduce digital glare

I've been able to reduce the digital harshness/glare with cables, transport and cables but having the ability to reduce the high frequency with the Loki has been most effective. Makes digital more analog/lp like imo. Not a bad investment considering how affordable it is. 
Hey there,
Curious about your DAC, speakers and your room. Is your dac pre 2010?
I believe is pre 2010. Ps audio nuwave dsd, audiolab 6000cdt and jps superconductor fx ic. Speakers little bright. Proac d30r. Room is big. It's more useful when listening at higher volumes and when the brightness can be bit edgy. Useful with tube gears also imo. 
You are definitely going to want to  upgrad your DAC soon. The improvements around that time frame were amazing, it is hard to find a DAC with digital glare anymore.

Also, good for you for using tone controls when you need to. :)

But then on the other hand, old dacs can be highly regarded, and the sound highly sought after.  Either way, the Loki is a great way to tweak the sound.

You can get new life out of speakers, dacs, or whatever else.