Using Samsung DVD player as CD player?

I'm currently putting together a small audio system for my 110 sq. ft. room, to be used primarily used for classical music. I'll be using PSB Alpha Monitors and a NAD C325BEE Amplifier (see links below), but have been considering just using my DVD player (Samsung 1080P9) as a CD player. Am I crazy? How much will the sound quality be affected?

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Just my two cents worth: A dvd player's main function is mostly about movies. There must be hundreds of opinions in our past threads. Read through some and I think you'll find a decent used stand alone cd player is the way to go.---Latter maybe a separate dac as an add on??
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Agree entirely with previous posters; use your dvd until you've found a good cdp that suits your musical preferences (orchestral or rather chamber music, piano, opera?), but until such time you're throwing away a considerable chunk of the quality that the rest of your system is capable of. I would aim a bit higher than strictly entry level, though: think Cambridge Azur C640 V2, NAD C545 BEE (not heard myself, may be a candidate on synergy considerations though), Music Hall CD 25.5, Yamaha CD-S700 (features USB port) or, budget permitting, one of my own favorites Atoll CD 80 MkIII (remarkable dynamics, speed and bass, perhaps the prime contender for orchestral music or solo piano).
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Don't overlook the NAD C515BEE.I used one while I searched for another cdp for my main system.At $299.00,it's a steal.I wish I had kept mine because I'm putting together a bedroom system.I'm pretty sure I'll buy another one.
Thanks so much for the responses (to what is admittedly a pretty dumb question).

What are the biggest differences between those two NAD players? The C515BEE and the C545BEE? I do primarily listen to classical music---especially newer stuff, with a huge dynamic range, sharp, transient attacks, etc.

Relatedly, what are the things that make a CDP better suited to classical music than other types? Is it something locatable in the stats or is it simply a type of sound that a certain manufacturer will strive for? If someone could recommend a good book online hi-fi primer that addresses these things, I'd be greatful!
I really don't think one player is more suited to a certain type music than any another.I could be wrong,have been before!!

The 545 is $499.00 the 515 is $299.00 (new prices)

You can do a side by side comparison on the NAD website.

Some DVD players turn off their video functions when they read CD's. This is a fairly modest system, while you might appreciate a difference with a seperate CD player, I don't think the difference will be huge. Depending on how much you need the DVD functions, alternatives include upgrading to DVD player with better CD output, or using an outboard DAC.
I think I may have found
a possible exception!
Look at the Denon 3800 BDCI Blu-Ray player at
Listenup DOT com. which can be looked up right
here on the Gon in the search box.
All I will say that beyond it's exceptional BD
& DVD performance, I like it better for CD's than
my recently sold Rega Apollo.

Now I have owned many DVD players & a Samsung Blu Ray
player as well as other universal players, and agree
that none were as good as cd players. But this Denon
had more attention paid to it's analog output performance??

Just a thought, since I think with this one, you can
have it all in one box. (And it's build & looks are
great as well.
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Robert, your other option would be to use the samsung dvd player, and feed the digital out to the little MF VDAC.
If you search the postings you should find some very pos. comments on its sound quality.

YOu can buy the VDAC new for 299 on line from several sources, or other option would be to watch for a MF A324 DAC here on audiogon for 400 bucks or so.

good luck