Using Rotel RX-975 receiver as pre-amp ?

I just purchased a Rotel RX-975 receiver as the start to rebuilding a 30 year old system(HK 330 receiver). It has a pre-out so I thought I might purchased a better amplifier later and use the Rotel as the pre-amp and tuner. Any suggestions for amplifiers to add later ? Has anybody had any experience with this receiver/tuner. Would I be better off to purchase Rotel seperates ?
It works I used to use it just for surround sound while I used my Conrad Johnson Premier 14/11a combo for music. works well, you can just use the amps in there for the center and rears and get a stereo preamp and amp and have a cd player connected to the preamp for music. Best of both worlds
Thanks tbonephile. What I am trying to do is buy a system piece by piece over the next 6 months as the budget allows and have bought the Rotel as the start for a 2 channel system. My next step is to buy an amp and use the Rotel as the pre-amp and receiver. Being a value buyer I am always looking for bargains. I have read good reviews on Bryston B-60 and 3B-ST which seem reasonably priced. I am also considering the Rotel RB-991 and RB-981. Again based on reviews read on this site the speakers being considered are NHT 2.5i, B&W Nautilus 805, Hales Revelation 3s, Vandesteen 2Ce signatures. I am new to the world of "high end" audio so would appreciate any feedback from those who have had experience with any of these components used together. Thanks much.