Using preamp's balanced & RCA outputs at same time

I have a set-up with one amplifier per monitor and separate self-powered stereo subwoofers. (The monitors and subwoofers were designed together, and match each other well.) Currently, a balanced cable runs from the preamp to the crossover in each sub, and a second balanced cable runs from that crossover to the monitor amp.

The preamp has both balanced and RCA outputs. I am considering changing the configuration so that separate cables would run from the preamp to the sub and to the amplifiers for the monitors: Balanced cables would run from the preamp's XLR outputs to the self-powered subwoofers, and single-ended cables would run from the preamp's RCA outputs to the monitor amps.

The reasons for doing this are:

1. To remove from the signal path the switch, connectors and capacitors in the subwoofer;

2. To utilize silver Eichmann RCA connectors rather than XLRs in the cabling from the preamp to the monitor amplifiers, aiming for lower distortion; and

3. To achieve a more accurate bass rolloff in the monitors by adding a capacitor to the amplifier outputs that exactly matches the input impedance of the amplifiers.

My question: Has anyone run a set-up like this, or something similar, where you were using both the XLR and RCA outputs from your preamp? What is/was your experience?
I ran my last pre using both XLR & RCA outs & my current set-up is RCA/RCA out to the sub & amp. Both ways work & sound good.

If you have the cabling, try it & see what it sounds like. Use the configuration that sounds best to you.
yeah, it works great. it gives you terrific flexibility, as you know.

i use xlr outs to feed the mid/treble signal to one amp and the rca to feed another bass amp so that i'm sending a full range signal everywhere.

i would have thought, though, that xlrs to the monitors would sound better - quieter, at least (in my experience, it's harder to tell the difference between xlr and rca on a bass feed), but it sounds like you have specific reasons to run rcas to them.