using passive volume control with Sony SCD-1

Does anybody know if it is better to use the balance output of the Sony SCD-1 when using passive volume control?
Do you think that it's going to be more dynamic since it says in the manual that the output voltage for the balance output is 4 volts while the single ended output is only 2 volts.
Thanks everybody.
I have heard from the equipment hotrodder's that the single ended output is the best. I have not found this to be the case for me however. My preamp and amp are both balanced designs (Pass X1 and X350), alternatively Bat VK-5i and Ayre V-1x. The balanced nature of these components probably has more to do with the quality than not.

If you are using a passive, I would definitely go with the balanced outputs. The more power you have going into a passive unit, the better. It is true that higher output sources give better dynamics with a passive unit. I would also recommend that you use short lengths of an extremely fast and transparent ic, such as nordost red dawns or above.

If you are looking for another passive unit, I am pretty impressed with the placette units, which I owned for a few months. Sold mine because it was single ended only.
They don't have the harmonics of a good tube preamp, nor the sense of drive that a megabuck preamp has, but they are the most transparent thing I've heard.